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Mazda's potential next-generation, sexy fastback sedan concept is set for debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in a couple of weeks to help showcase Mazda's future design language.

The mysterious and shadowy teaser makes it a bit difficult to make out specifics, but what they're calling the "design vision concept" appears to be a mixture of the best elements of recent Lexus and Audi styling with an added dose of Mazda's own heavily sculpted Kodo language. 

And since the "design vision" doesn't come close to doing it justice, we'll be calling it the Mazda 8.

The second concept that Mazda is bringing to the Tokyo Motor Show is a small hatchback, which we expect to foreshadow the future Mazda 3. It will sit atop a new structure called the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture (Skyactiv-VA) that, according to Mazda, features "a human-centred design philosophy for optimal functionality."

When it comes to the technology involved, we'll be able to get a better look at the Skyactiv-X compression-ignition gasoline engine (expected to appear in 2019) possibly under the hood of the next Mazda 3. The aim of this technology – what they're calling "spark controlled compression ignition" or SPCCI – is expected to provide about 25% more power in an engine that is 25% more efficient. 

"Our stand this year marks the beginning of a new era for Mazda," said Masamichi Kogai, Mazda's representative director, president and CEO. "We will showcase a concept model with the design and technologies that will define a whole new generation of Mazda cars."

We're looking forward to getting the full picture in Tokyo! 

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