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Not happy with replacing a 1.3-litre Yaris motor with a far more powerful 1.8-litre from a Corolla, our favourite Ozzies decide to install a $169 eBay turbo to their famous Toyota, the champion, Yaris Hilton.

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods, the boys purchase "the cheapest turbo in the world off eBay, and then complete a budget turbo conversion on Yaris Hilton: our nugget Corolla engine swapped Toyota Yaris."

This is all good and well, but installing a turbo is not always easy, especially onto a motor that was never designed to accommodate one in the first place. This is a lesson the MCM dudes learn almost immediately, which requires a bit of brain-power to solve.

The $169 eBay turbo requires more than just a few bolts to install, there are plenty of other parts to cause a headache, like an intercooler and a ton of piping. It's always watching these two at work, considering they're not trained mechanics, it's inspiring to see how they manage on.

Find out how they go by clicking on the play button below.

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