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Alright, it's time to find out which is better, cheap versus expensive parts for these custom Nissan 350Z's.

As you may already know, the boys over at Donut have been doing a show called HiLow, where they purchase, fit and compare cheap parts against their more expensive counterparts on two Nissan 350Z's.

Over a couple of months, they have modified their respective 350's with new coilovers, wheels and tyres, new brake setups, differentials and turbos. Inside, they received new seats, and Team Hi had their car wrapped while Team Low applied Plastidip.

In the end, Team Low installed $13,000 worth of parts for their Nissan, while Team Hi installed a whopping $33,000 worth to their 350Z.

The objective was to create fun daily drivers that can be taken to the track by going to either extreme. Did they succeed and which is the better option, cheap or expensive?

To find out, we hand you over to James and Nolan as they give an overview of the process and, finally, put their cars to the test. Press play below and enjoy this, the last episode of the first season of HiLow.

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