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Yup, it's unavoidable, even JDM can't avoid the electric onslaught... take a look at this project, the world's first Nissan 350Z with Tesla internals and a 370Z widebody-kit.

Now now, calm yourselves. Evolution has its place – otherwise, you might still be eating bananas, scratching your butt and sniffing your finger instead of wrenching on pieces of fabricated metal.

Anyway, we head on over to one of our favourite YouTube channels and join the guys at throtl as they progress with one of their most exciting builds; converting a stock Nissan 350Z into something quite special.

To get you up to speed as this is part three of the series, the idea is to replace the stock motor with a Tesla powerplant and then wave their magic wand over the rest of the build to convert this early 2000s Nissan 350Z into a widebody 370Z.

To put this into perspective; it's difficult enough to modify the 350Z to accommodate the 370Zs headlights and front end, and then install a Liberty Walk widebody kit. But, to figure out how to replace the internal combustion engine with the drivetrain from an all-electric Tesla is an insane task.

A lot of traditionalists will cringe at the idea of messing with a Japanese legend, but embracing the future by harnessing the past is not a new idea. Just think of any restomod that uses modern tech, like traction control or air-conditioning in a classic Jaguar E-Type.

It's the same thing, and it's fascinating to see how this build will conclude. Press play below to see how far along they've come and stay tuned as we follow their progress because progress doesn't wait for anybody and this future is just around the corner.

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