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When you think Nissan 350Z you think big engine, mad power, and tons of street-cred (provided its a hard top) but what you're about to learn will shock you.

Renault Espace


As you guessed, they really did throw a VQ35 (the DE version) in the fourth-generation Espace. But they didn't sell many of them at all.

At the point of its introduction, Renault already had a history of stuffing V6s into its flagship MPV. The second-gen version had the option of a 2.9-litre PRV V6, while the next model used a PSA unit which had development input from Renault.

Renault Laguna Coupe


The Renault Espace wasn’t the only Renault to receive a VQ35 via their Nissan partnership. The Laguna Coupe was also available in the 3.5 too, in the same level of tune as the Espace. But before you go thinking it’s a cheaper route into VQ35 ownership than the 350Z, we should probably point out that you’ll pay more for one of these front-wheel-drive oddities than an early example of the 350Z. Best stick with the latter, unless you’re really determined to be different.

Mitsubishi Dignity 


Mitsubishi has also borrowed the odd VQ family engine, and more than once. You’ll find both the VQ25 and the 370Z’s VQ37 in the Proudia range, for instance.

Nissan Murano


Ever done a double take at the back end of a first-gen Murano, having noticed a surprisingly fancy set of tailpipes? There’s a good reason for the presence of this: the crossover packs the 350Z’s 3.5-litre V6, albeit in a 243bhp state of tune. The same six was retained for the next two generations of the vehicle.

Dallara T05, T08, T12 World Series By Renault



It should come as no surprise that these are the most powerful versions of the 3.5 on this list, comfortably surpassing the output of all plus even the pokiest 350Zs. Earlier WSR cars put out around 420bhp, with the last ones – before the series switched to 3.5-litre V8s – developing 480.

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