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The guys over at Throtl have done it again, this time it's an S13 Nissan 240SX that get the treatment. It's an absolute beast!

It's a joy spending time watching these guys work. Their passion and attention to detail are stunning, which means their cars are too. Over the past few months, they've turned their attention to a Nissan 240SX they bought, which had been butchered by the previous owner.

What's impressive about this build is that they literally stripped the car down completely and worked over every inch of this Nissan to make it spectacular. Every component was either cleaned and refurbished or replaced outright with better ones.

It received a body kit, fabricated with precision to fit seamlessly, and then got a new, bright orange paint job too. The interior was given a makeover, and the wiring was completely redone. Slap on some rad mags and tyres and voila! A better-than-new Nissan 240SX.

Check out the video below of the entire build, or you can watch the individual parts if you have more time on your hands.

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