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It's awesome when a showdown between two YouTube greats pans out so nicely – it's Australia VS US of A as Mighty Car Mods takes on Roadkill to see who can make the faster car for as cheap as possible.

After years of fans of both channels wanting the boys to get together, the Ozzies decided to take the trip out to America to meet up with the guys from Roadkill.

If you know anything about either of these channels, you know that both are raw, motoring fun with guys who just love cars. Some of their builds work, many are just for laughs but, ultimately, it's simply amazing videos to keep you entertained for days.

In this feature, the two crews are tasked with creating vehicles that represent the essence of cars from their respective countries – and then swap with each other to compete in a variety of challenges.

It's awesome and definitely worth the watch! If you want to see how the MCM boys built their car, then be sure to check it out here.

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