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Date: 2018-02-05

Video: Snowy Just Got A Whole Lot Sportier! 2

Video: Snowy Just Got A Whole Lot Sportier! 3

Petrol heads around the world have been patiently waiting for the production version of the new Nissan 370Z, which has seemed to have taken so long that the anticipation has worn off. But, Nissan turned some heads with their snow machine that literally looks like a sporty Nissan 370Z, fitted with tank treads and wielding a 332 horsepower V6 engine. This Nissan 370Zki Roadster is fitted with treads at the back and ski's in the front, so who needs to worry about another snow day?

Although braking gets a little tricky and needs to be done in a straight line to avoid doing some unfortunate donuts in the road, the 7-speed gears make driving in the snow relatively easy as long as you pump the gas from a standstill.

Nissan has focused on high ride height, modifying the drivetrain mounts, and the car has received a bright and eye-catchy vinyl wrap. The majority of the car remains the same, aside from the skid plates that have been fitted, as well as new off-road abilities. The front suspension was fitted with adaptors to give the skis enough travel and rotation, making it an upgrade on the Winter Warrior vehicles. The rear springs, rerouted brake lines and a new fitment for the exhaust makes this a combination of ridiculous and innovative.

Audiences are speculating whether this hints towards the future of Nissan models or just a strategic move to get fans to attend their booth at the Chicago Auto Show.


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