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It's time to find out if a cheap single turbo is better value than an expensive twin-turbo kit.

Yup, the Donut boys are at it again with their series of HiLow, where they take two almost identical Nissan 350Z's and modify them. One car will receive cheap parts, while the other receives expensive ones. The objective is to see if forking out extra cash is worth it.

This time, we join the gang as they see which is more worthwhile; a cheap, single turbo, or an expensive twin-turbo kit. This is definitely one to watch, it's epic!

Almost immediately, things go wrong for Team Lo and their cheap gear. Team Hi, however, receive instructions with their expensive kit and race off to a commanding lead. The objective is to complete the install in four days, hit the dyno machine, and then drive a few hundred miles to test them on the track.

This is easier said than done.

The ultimate question remains, is a cheap kit worth buying, or should you save a bit longer and splash out for an expensive one? Click play to find out!

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