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We can't get enough of the MGM Yaris Hilton project car. This time, the Mighty Car Mods duo give their turbo-charged nugget a bit more street-cred.

If your budget falls into the 'cheap' end of the spectrum, then maybe this project will inspire you. So far, the Toyota Yaris Hilton has received a new set of sticky rubber, then a new engine from a wrecked Corolla but, still not satisfied, MCM stuck a budget eBay turbo and massive intercooler under the hood.

Now that it's been to the dyno, which revealed an increase from 44kW to a whopping 149,7kW (or 200whp), it's time for it to get a bit of street-cred. So, what does that entail? Well, the answer is simple. Get a set of cheap second-hand mags from Facebook Market, order cheap springs from eBay to lower it, and then throw on no-name brand wheel arches to keep the cops off your back.

Considering the shoe-string budget and focus on performance, not looks, this sweet Yaris Hilton is a dark horse. Now all they have to do is take it to the track!

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