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How many of us can say, we've built our dream car? Yes, perhaps you've done cool modifications or a bit of bodywork, but mostly, you didn't rebuild it completely. Not like this guy who built his dream 1976 BMW 2002.

Meet Carter Kelly Kramer, who rebuilt this stunning 1976 BMW 2002. Kramer tells us that he "bought the car at 16, from eBay, with a tiny budget—and the car was far worse than described."

Speaking to Petrolicious, he continued; "I had a pair of garden shears, I had a hack saw, I had a crowbar and a sledgehammer… I slowly learned by taking the car apart how the car goes together.” 

He worked on it for a while but, eventually, his mom began to question why the BMW 2002 was, again, in pieces. He replied, “don’t worry, I got this.”

By the time he finished school, the project had lost its legs, and he sold the car, but the resilient BMW had inspired him to write an essay that landed him a ticket into college. It wasn't long before the spirited lad suffered seller’s remorse and worked to get the car back.

“It was like a dog that ran away,” he says. “I realised I took a nightmare and turned it into a dream. It’s taught me about cars, and driving, and fixing things – you can’t put a price tag on that.”

Find out more about Carter and the passion he has for his BMW 2002, the Carved Pumpkin, in the video below.

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