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Nissan recently brought out their all-new colour changing car seats and steering wheel. The colour doesn't change due to temperature or time of the day but rather it changes according to the composition of your seat. As you sit in the car for long distance drives or even in the traffic on the way to work, the material with change colour ranging from yellow to blue. The more yellow the seat or steering wheel, the more dehydrated the driver. 

Nissan is promoting this new feature in an effort to reduce accidents, claiming that driving whilst severely hydrated can be almost as bad as driving over the limit. The seats are a result of a reaction to a study conducted by Loughborough University showed that a severely dehydrated driver can drive as dangerously as a driver with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08.

 The material they use for this feature that lines the seats and the steering wheel is called Soak, made by a Dutch company whose research shows that a dehydrated driver will make double the amount of mistakes than normal. 

Nissan's move toward driver wellness encourages drinking and driving.....well only water!

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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