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The number of diesel vehicles at the SXdrv office total a big fat zero. It's not that we have anything against them, but we don't do much Overlanding. That's probably why a 370BHP 1,9TDI Seat Ibiza seems like such a ludicrous idea.

Yes, yes, I know, there are some performance diesel vehicles out there. But, be honest, how many Seat Ibiza's have you seen that can crack 0-60 in 5.72-seconds while it spins the front wheels through each gear?

A lot is going on under the bonnet to achieve that figure, with the usual suspects of performance parts installed. However, there are still some factory parts, like the gearbox, that remain. The power may have something to do with the Methanol mixture in the fuel though...

To explain what's going on with this sleeper, we join Officially Gassed as he interviews the owner and goes for a spin in a giant cloud of smoke. The bunny-huggers must be peeved!

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