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Uber decided that the second-generation of semi-autonomous vehicles could hit the streets as early as this year.

Speaking with Fox News, Uber hardware engineer Zajac said: "From the outside, a lot looks the same but under the hood, we’ve made a whole bunch of improvements." Zajac went on to explain that the new models are equipped with higher resolution cameras which allows them to see further and this will enable the vehicle to "drive a little bit faster."

The cameras have also been equipped with an improved cleaning system to help deal with bad weather. This change will allow the cameras to see better during intense rainstorms and other hazardous driving conditions. 

Besides the upgraded cameras, the second-generation of semi-autonomous vehicles will have computers which take up less space. As Zajac explained, the cameras are currently located in the trunk but that won't be a problem in the future as the new system is much more compact. 

The improvements mean the second-generation of vehicles is closer to becoming fully autonomous, however, Zajac said that it is still "in the far future."

In the meantime, check out their current car in action in the video below.

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