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There have been some that are against, or reluctant, towards the idea of autonomous cars. For petrolheads, they feel that it kills the fun of the drive. 

But autonomous cars could mean a huge change and improvement for the lives of people who are visually impaired who will finally be allowed behind the wheel. These blind drivers could reap the benefits of the future autonomous tech!

However, Automotive News points out that we may be a long way from that happening. In addition to advanced technological development, laws would need to be changed as well. After all, most drivers licenses require a vision test, and current laws require a drivers license in order to operate an autonomous vehicle.

Advocacy groups like the Ruderman Family Foundation disagree. They have commissioned a study with Securing America's Future Energy to show that it is a "needless restriction" to require autonomous car drivers to have a license. 

To be fair, automakers will need to make further technology for cars to communicate with the visually impaired – and this adds an entirely new factor.

This is just one of many potential problems that need to be addressed before self-driving cars will be allowed on the roads.

Let's hope that we can push the boundaries and allow the visually impaired some freedom and independence!


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