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Smartphones have made it much easier to communicate and receive information anywhere and anytime. The problem is, however, that drivers are tempted to do this while on the road. Drivers are constantly juggling between the steering wheel and their phone or digital devices. And, obviously, this can lead to potentially dangerous and fatal accidents.

As a result of this, Apple patented the "Detecting Controllers in Vehicles Using Wearable Devices". This is a promising tool that aims to stop or prevent drivers from getting distracted by their phones. This, however, can only be possible if you are wearing a smartwatch.

Essentially, this is how it works: the smartwatch's motion sensors monitor the movements of the driver. If it senses that the wearer is making steering wheel motions (compared to the motions of the watch to those of the phone) it silences the phone's notifications. No buzzes, no rings - the user is less likely to start fiddling with his or her phone. That is the idea. 

While the user base is limited, due to the necessity of the smartwatch, it is definitely a step in the right direction. The government estimates that 3179 people are killed, and 431,000 injured, in distracted-driving car accidents. So a solution can't come fast enough!

Let's hope Apple can resolve the problem of texting and driving - and save many lives along the way!


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