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It started Simple, Pure and 100% classic but, like everything else in F1 racing, nothing stands still, especially steering wheels which is the most constantly changing element in GP racing.

From the typical 1950's steering wheel which stands out due to its raw functionality to the multi-functional game control like wheel's we see today, let's explore how F1 steering wheels have evolved through the ages.

Radical changes to the basic three-spoke aluminium wheel really only started in the late 1980s when huge leaps in technology started changes everything about the F1 cars, including the steering elements. Buttons and switches started making their debut alongside shift paddles, hand clutches and digital displays. However, things only started getting extremely complicated in the 2000s when controls for engine mapping, brake bias, differential settings, radio communication, as well as for traction control, and a pit speed limiter became a necessity.

Upgrades didn't just end there, modifications went on and a F1 steering wheel now costs around $50,000. So, what could have changed so much that they now cost as much as a brand new Mercedes AMG C43 Sedan? Well, take a look at the video to find out for yourself.

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