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Ahh... the old faithful. Hot Wheels are a mainstay in the life of most kids, boys and girls, and this continues into adulthood for many of us. But do we know what made them so successful? Nolan from Donut gives us the rundown.

Some of the SXdrv staff have Hot Wheels displays on their desks, just as we imagine many other petrolheads do, whether that is at the office or at home. They are an icon of success and, for many, a portal back to our childhood.

But, before Hot Wheels, there were many other companies creating toy cars. So, what made Hot Wheels stand the test of time and beat out their competition, like Matchbox, so significantly?

Well, it's all thanks to a failed guitar concept and ingenious design team that made these toy cars so terrific. We join Nolan from Donut as he tells us all we need to know about Hot Wheels and, if you haven't already, check out this story about 50 Years Of Hot Wheels Glory.

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