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The Geneva Motor Show always surprises with some incredible vehicles, and this year is no exception. The China-based startup, Techrules, has unveiled their Ren RS and it's something special indeed. Sporting up to six electric motors and two diesel turbines, apparently this hybrid pumps out over 7 000Nm of torque.

It's a track-going diesel hybrid hypercar, based on last year's standard Ren, but it's not your regular high-performance track toy.

Let's take the power unit for example. It can be specced with up to six electric motors if your heart so desires, plus two range-extender turbines and a 28.4kWh battery pack, which translates to 1 287bhp and a truly frightening 7 722Nm of torque – and a claimed 0-62mph of 3.0 seconds.

If it's not outright speed you're looking for, then spec it with a track day in mind by opting for only a single turbine and four electric motors. This reduces the power output to a humble 858bhp and a measly 1,560Nm of torque.

Getting back to the power unit though. The Techrules Ren RS, regardless of how it's been configured, has at least one diesel turbine which acts as a range extender by recharging the battery packs as you drive along.

Techrules suggests a theoretical range of approximately 727 miles from an 80-litre tank of diesel which, if true, would be as impressive as its claimed top speed of 205mph. Fortunately, carbon ceramic brakes come as standard kit.

The monocoque chassis is made of carbon-fibre while there is just one seat installed in the cockpit. Speaking of, the cockpit itself has a Bond-esque sounding Canopy Ejection system, which automatically activates in the event of a crash by opening the roof to allow the driver to escape. Hopefully shaken, not stirred.

The Ren RS is still in concept currently but, if it ever gets built, expect that low-volumes of a high-performance hybrid track car are going to translate into plenty of moolah!

Check out the video below for more about it at the Geneva Motor Show.

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