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The Ford GT cuts out the carbs and puts on a fancy new dress, meet the limited-edition GT Carbon Edition.

Ford's GT has proved rather popular, although many fans are looking for more power. So much so, in fact, that Ford decided to respond with this, the limited-edition Carbon Edition. Details of this exclusive beast include 18kg shaved off the weight, bespoke carbon fibre detailing and unique colour trim.

The GT is already carbon-bodied to reduce weight but the new car ditches the cup holders and drivers-side cubby and receives new matte carbon door sills, air register pods and centre console. The seats are covered with a new trim while clear anodized aluminium shift paddles replace the standard black items from the standard model.

Walking around the car and you'll notice a smattering of carbon on the lower bodywork and A-pillars while the wheels are carbon too. The most noticeable carbon accents, though, must be the stripes that run the length of the body that flank an optional coloured stripe. This can be specced in one of four colours that extends to the door mirrors and brake callipers.

The GT Carbon Edition's diet doesn't stop there though, a titanium exhaust system, titanium lug-nuts and a new polycarbonate, ventilated rear hatch sheds more weight. Fortunately, the weight saving hasn't encroached on all its creature comforts as Ford has retained convenience features such as the infotainment and air conditioning.

Originally limited to 1000 units for the standard model, Ford has announced another 350 units to cope with demand. Basically, the GT's demand outstrips supply seven-to-one, even though it's not particularly cheap, and we suspect this Ford GT Carbon Edition will be even more popular for those who love exclusivity.

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