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It's a question that surely most of us have never really considered. Yes, we may have answered 'red' when asked what colour we might choose if we bought, say, a Ferrari, but why is that, why do (most) sports cars look so damn good painted red?

Well, Nolan Sykes from Donut Media's Youtube channel did wonder what makes his red 1:25 scale model of a Dodge Viper look so appealing, and set about finding out.

It seems the answer lies in numerous sources, from the psychology behind red; finding a lady in a red dress more attractive for instance, plus its use throughout history as a colour of dominance, to nature and its wonderful communication system. And no, we're not talking climate issues. In nature red denotes danger, 'don't eat that red berry or lick that red frog because you'll die'.

And then there's the history of the car itself. Back in 1907, a French newspaper challenged all countries that manufactured vehicles around the world to compete in a race from Peking to Paris. The Italians showed up in a red car called the Itala Mod and set about winning the 9000-mile event.

In recognition of this monumental achievement, considering there weren't even proper roads at the time, Italy adopted Rossa Corsa Red as their national motorsport colour. And that, as they say, is history.

So, red seems to be a dominant, sometimes dangerous, yet attractive colour that makes our brains fire off different emotions and engages our collective conscience.

It is the ultimate colour for the ultimate car.

Check out the video below for more insight on this fascinating topic and leave us your comments below.

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