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With many amazing sports cars being released this year, it's difficult to choose a favourites list. As 2017 comes to a close, it seems only apt to create a summary of those that stood out for us.So, without wasting any more time, read on for our best.


1. Ferrari 488GTB

Offered as a coupe or a hardtop convertible and boasts a 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 engine with 661 horsepower and 561lb ft of torque. What sets this model apart from other Ferrari's is the turbocharger under the hood. And the 2–year waiting list.

2. Spyker C8

Although this Dutch sportscar isn't actually on the road yet, the aviation heritage is clear in its design and the 525hp V8 engine will definitely help you fly down the road. The elegant interior is lined with leather and metal and emulates the cockpit of a fighter jet – that only 100 buyers will have the privilege of experiencing.

3. McLaren 720S

Its 5-star winning status at the Autocar Awards this year stands as a testament to its powerful M840T engine pumping out 720PS. The car was inspired by the fierceness of the Great White Shark and was created to be a hunting machine. The built–in drift function is only one of the amazing technological features added to this car. 

4.  Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The fastest factory-built 911 gets its excessive power and speed from its turbocharged 700 horsepower engine. With speed and power like this, comes great responsibility, and a water–injection system that cools its intake charge. The interior is covered in oh-so-slick red suede and the typical sporty bucket seats just to make sure you have the full sports driving experience.

5. Lamborghini Aventador S

This model retains the undeniable aggressive, classic Lamborghini look but sports the new Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics that challenge all its predecessors. The powerful 740 horsepower V12 engine takes the car from 0–62 mph in 2,9 seconds.

6. Bugatti Chiron

This two–toned hyper car sports an 8 litre 16-cylinder engine that reaches top speeds of around 261 mph. Only 500 Chiron's will be released at just under $3 million each and, if you didn't already know, they literally had to electronically limit the top speed to 260 mph because its actual top speed of 288 mph was deemed just too dangerous.

What did we forget, which cars are on your list for 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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