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Recently, a chap who was late for a game of golf was caught driving his Porsche Boxster Spyder at a reportedly 218 km/h.

Local news reports claim he was travelling along the N3 in Johannesburg, South Africa, when he was nabbed. The 35-year-old driver was stopped near the Rand Airport off-ramp in, what appears to be, a white 987-generation Boxster Spyder that seems to have misplaced its numberplate.

Traffic police said to a local newspaper that the man was trapped at about 06:10 on Sunday morning, saying, “The arrested driver claimed that he was late for a golf game.”

He wasn't alone, it seems, as another speedster in a Toyota was clocked at 177 km/h, an Alfa Romeo driver hit the radar at 175 km/h and a dude in a Mini was caught at 168 km/h. Clearly, it was an important golf game.

They were all detained at the Germiston police station on charges of reckless and negligent driving before being released later on bail.

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