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It's time to join the dudes from Mighty Car Mods as they take a road trip from the Worthersee VW Meet in Austria in their 'nugget' Golf GTI.

From Austria to Italy, Martin and Moog go on a road trip with their Golf GTI, the cheapest Golf they could find for sale on the internet.

After landing in Germany and modifying their sight-unseen purchase, which you could see here, the boys leave the Worthersee VW Meet in Austria after the guys at REVO increased the boost of the turbo on their ailing cabbie.

This is a road trip any of us would love to take, with gorgeous scenery and terrific roads, including a splendid drive up the Stelvio Pass in Italy. But, what is a video from Mighty Car Mods without car troubles? Check out the action in this, part two of Turbos & TÜV.

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