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Must be quite embarrassing for Bugatti owners to be left behind by a Golf Mk 2! But, by no means is this an ordinary Golf.

This car has gained fascination from over the world since its introduction in 2012, and still continues to blow our minds! Just think about it, it's an 8-second mk 2 – which may not seem that impressive to the layman until you realise that it's not 8 seconds to 100km/h, rather, that's to 270 km/h! Today's modified Golf 7Rs hardly reach close to that time.

This also means it's the first Golf to drag a sub 8, setting a VW Golf world record.

Check it out:

  • 0-100kmh in 2.3s
  • 0-200kmh in 5.4s
  • 0-270kmh in 8.7s

Engine Specs:

  • 1.8 16V Turbo engine
  • Garrett GTX420R Turbocharger
  • 4Motion All-wheel drive
  • 1013PS & 891Nm

It may not have as much power as a Veyron, but is less than half the weight. Thanks to its all-wheel drive system, this Golf has incredible traction off the line. As you see in the video, that intense torque steer must be insane to counteract and, with 891Nm of torque, a new set of tires is required before each run.

What this shows is that you don't need a hypercar to go fast... but you most definitely need them deep pockets!

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