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It is difficult to make modifications to a vehicle in Germany. So, the guys at Mighty Car Mods set about doing just that by buying a Golf GTi MkIV and modifying it for a car show they've been invited to.

Unlike most other countries, the Germans have something called TÜV, and most modifications need to be approved by them. This, then, is the perfect excuse for the dudes at Mighty Car Mods to buy one off the internet from Australia.

They also order parts, specifically parts that contain the 'TÜV Approved' sticker and have everything shipped to a garage for them to install when they arrive.

Adding a lowering kit, new mags and a new grill require approved parts. They also have to be checked by the TÜV centre to receive a certificate of approval. Bizarrely, this is not a requirement for an aftermarket exhaust.

Anyway, once everything is done, the boys set off on a road trip to Austria and the Wörthersea Treffen, a massive four-day event showcasing VW's from around Europe.

It's an epic trip, with cops thinking they're drug dealers, bucket-loads of rain and splendid cars. It's well worth the watch, so get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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