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Aston Martin's upcoming hypercar, the Valkyrie, has been creeping closer and closer to its production-ready form - it finally has an interior!

There are video screens EVERYWHERE - probably the highest screen:dash ratio in the business!

The Valkyrie seems to be coming along nicely, and now a blurry walkaround video indicates that the mocked-up interior we saw in Geneva has been replaced with a cockpit humans can actually sit in!

We can make out four screens in the video - one honker atop the centre of the dash, one on the middle of the button-ladened very F1-like steering yoke and one near each A-pillar.

It is suspected that the A-pillar screen takes the place of rearview mirrors.

This leaked video also helps emphasises the Valkyrie's size.

Watch the video to see for yourself!

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