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Yup, these are not your regular police vehicles, these are the world's most unique cop cars.

When law enforcement patrols the unrestricted Autobahn in Germany, a Volkswagen Golf with blue lights on its roof is no match for sports cars. This is why the Polizei have a Mercedes-Benz CLS modified by Brabus on hand. It has a 730hp 6.3-litre V12 Biturbo under the hood and can reach a maximum speed of 225mph.

But, is the Brabus CLS not exciting enough for you? Well, then best you head over to Dubai. The police force has a collection of McLaren's, Lamborghini's, Bentleys and others... Or, how about absurdly rare Lykan Hypersport that patrols the streets of Abu Dhabi with a 0-100kph of under 3-seconds? Yup, they may be more of a publicity stunt, but even the rich oil sheikhs must think twice before doing a runner.

There are many other unique cop cars doing duty around the world. Hit the play button below to find out more about Japan's JDM and Italy's supercar police vehicles.


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