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Over 170 cars attempt to break the world record simultaneously doing a burnout in Colorado Bandimere Speedway.

At a lot of car meets and events, you'll always find the guys trying to do a rev off competition, some will have some anti-lag systems creating some pops and bangs...typically showing off to show who has got the biggest...engine.

But burnouts are something quite different, and slightly more dangerous because you have to have car control pretty much mastered to attempt it safely, especially when you are doing it less than a parking space between the car next to you, and over 170 cars doing this all simultaneously! That's just pure craziness!

If you weren't physically there you can probably just imagine how epic and thrilling that must have been to experience it in real life, just one of these heavily modified cars is ear-piercingly loud! And now multiply that by 170 cars!

Take a look at the drone footage video below and see how much tyre smoke rises to the air like a mountain fire.

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