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Not satisfied with taking the Pikes Peak record, the VW EV motorsport team has set their sights on the Nürburgring and the electric Car Record Attempt.

VW's ID R racer annihilated Colorado’s iconic Pikes Peak hill climb record, and the German company is now looking to do the same at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

That's right, the VW EV motorsport team want to grab the crown held by the 1341bhp NIO EP9, which set a time of 6:45.9, and they've got just the car to do it. Well, sort of. They've had to do significant modifications to the vehicle that climbed Pikes Peak with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency. This means that they've reduced drag significantly by reforming the aero package because of the 'Ring's high average speed.

The smart chaps in the engineering department have introduced tech inspired by Formula 1, including a drag reduction system fitted to the slimmer, lower rear spoiler that opens or closes depending on the circumstances, open for speed, closed for braking.

There's also DRS which is activated by the driver and is expected to be used around 10 times during the lap. The powertrain remains the same 500kW (670bhp) electric motor and 44kWh battery pack that was sourced from its Formula E racer sibling.

Speaking to EVO magazine, Volkswagen Motorsport’s Technical Director, François-Xavier Demaison said that the battery pack itself must be carefully measured for this attempt, the Nordschleife's long back straight causing the biggest technical headache for the team, “you need to take care of the battery pack like you do your children”.

The Nürburgring record attempt will take place in May with Pikes Peak winner, Romain Dumas, behind the wheel of the new ID R. VW has said that hundreds of hours of simulator testing by both Dumas and the team took place to prepare them for the track testing they are currently doing.

VW's excitement is, well, electric at the prospect of breaking the Nordschleife's record and they are confident they will do it. Unsurprisingly, we are too.

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