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Take a look at this video from Donut Media where they go in depth on the history of US police cars.

In the line of duty, law enforcement officers have a lot of pieces of equipment that they need to rely on in order to, not only, do their job effectively but to remain safe in the course of some dangerous and high-intensity situations. It’s essential that all of their equipment works properly and has a durability factor that will allow these tools to be beaten on over and over again. It must really allow the officer using it to have confidence in these tools so that, out there in the midst of situations that are hard to diffuse or have a lot of factors to consider, officers won’t really have to think about these tools of the trade failing on them.

Perhaps, one of the biggest and most important tools that any officer could have is that of their squad car. While it might be a slow evolution that not too many of us notice, each and every day, there are people out there hard at work, trying to present the next big thing in police cars that will be more durable, useful, and effective for the men and women in law enforcement.

Originally, police cars in the United States were big bodied Chrysler's, machines that not only got the job of reliable transportation done at the time but had a lot of room for storage. Eventually though, as you might have noticed, police cars would turn into different vehicles like the Ford Crown Victoria and, eventually, SUVs and even pursuit pickups would come on the scene. This completely shifted what we had once known to be the norm into an all-new marketplace – and that doesn’t even consider all of the changes introduced to foreign police vehicles.

As of today, there is really no telling what’s going to happen next in this ever-evolving landscape, however, if you take a look at the past, you may be able to get an idea of where this whole police-support industry is going in the future. You might also get some keen insight into a couple of factors that you might have never even considered in the first place but have been evolving right under your nose.

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