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Here is an insight and practical test of the ultimate camera rig for rolling shots and car chases.

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood get those really nice cinematic car chases at those high speeds? Not by hanging out the window of another car, that's for sure!

Cinematic cameras these days don't necessarily have to be very large and difficult and complex to operate, which means they have the ability to be put into more extreme situations to achieve a variety of more creative shots, such as this car camera rig by Ultimate Arm.

Ultimate Arm is a company that manufactures car rigs, which sports all the latest and most innovative tech to make their product one of a kind and the best in the industry. First of all, the car they mounted the camera rig on to is a Cadillac CTS-V wagon, with over 700HP to allow for much higher speed chases. The gimbal at the end of the camera crane allows for full 3-axis movement, and the crane's arm stabilises the 4th-axis, which is in high demand for filmmakers seeking the smoothest result.

Take a look at the video below by Potato Jet on YouTube as he finds out the ins and outs of this incredible ultimate rolling shot car rig.

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