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What is DDE to do when looking to take their motoring vlog to a new level? Easy! Just turn a Ferrari into a high-speed pursuit camera car with one impressive camera setup.

Most of us enjoy watching the antics of the boys at Daily Driven Exotics (DDE), and now they've decided to create a 208mph camera car to give us even better footage.

To achieve this, they're using their Ferrari FF as the donor car. It's a lot more practical, with space in the boot for all the equipment, and has two extra seats in the back too. 

It's the camera rig that's the highlight though, with a gimbal that car swivel 360 degrees in any direction, is radio-controlled from inside the car, and hold a variety of cameras. The only issue? Setting it up. Oh yes, and possibly California's strict laws.

To see what we mean and to see the camera in action, along with the terrific footage it delivers, hit the play button below!

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