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Date: 2019-06-03

Meet Ryan, the dude who owns five generations of Lamborghini's, and he drives them daily.

This could be the best example of how the other half lives. Supercars, mansions, wineries and golf courses. It sounds terrible. Of course, it's not, and makes for a great video.

The guys over at Daily Driven Exotics (DDE) befriended a chap named Ryan who lives in British Columbia. He owns a wine farm and five Lamborghini's. His collection includes two rare Countach's, a Murcielago SV, a Diablo Roadster, a very rare LM002 and, as his daily drive, an Aventador SV Roadster.

Ryan and his girlfriend, Lyndsay, take the DDE boys for a spin in all but the green LM002, first to go see Ryan's orchard in the two newer cars, and then to his friend's vineyard in the two older models. It just feels right knowing these cars don't just sit gathering dust but actually get driven regularly.

I won't keep you any longer though, press play on the video below to find out more about this incredible collection of Lamborghini's.

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