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Another epic prank by YouTuber, Joey Salads, as he rigs up the seats of a McLaren 650S as bystanders jump in they surely get the shock of their lives.

When we saw the bait bike prank unfolding we just knew that someone would come out with something more extreme to try and top it. What could be more extreme than watching as criminals attempted to make off with a bike hooked up to a taser? Well, you’re about to find out.

This time, the scene is set as a McLaren 650s is left open with the keys inside and strapped up with what Joey Salads calls "a remote dog shock collar with wires hooked up to it". Seems far-fetched, but let’s check it out!

It's scary to think about just how many people would attempt to climb into a supercar that is not theirs.

You can see the prank in its entirety below as supposed criminal after criminal hop into the car with the exposed wires only to get zapped! Now, a lot of pranks seem to be right on the spot but, this time, we might just have to take a second look at how real this actually is. Be sure to tell us what you think of the prank.


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