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Check out the intricate and complicated method to detail a McLaren F1 car, and learn more about Formula 1 while you do it.

It's not often one gets the opportunity to detail an F1 car, and it's no easy feat. With the ultra-thin paint to save weight, it takes patience, lots of testing and skill. Fortunately, the guys at AMMO NYC have all of these things.

This particular F1 car is the 2004 McLaren MP4-19B, driven by David Coulthard. The McLaren dealership in Boston acquired the vehicle and had it shipped to their warehouse. The car had been sitting, gathering dust and, in fact, still had grime from its last run attached to it.

Guys who love detailing their cars will enjoy their attention to detail, as well as the information they share as they go over the race car.

Then, onto the juicy bit, when Colin Ashlaw, Master Tech for Aston Martin Lotus Motorsports McLaren, arrives to give us a history lesson on the car and how its technology has filtered down into today's vehicles.

This was the last of the magnificent V10 era of F1 racing. Pushing out 900hp at 19,000 RPM, these cars were "monumentally" fast. The carbon fibre body has an incredibly thin layer of paint for the livery, purely to save weight.

Its aerodynamic technology has also been significant for production models, with everything learned and applied on the racetrack and in the wind tunnel contributing to efficiency through the air.

Click play to find out more.

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