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Youtuber, Durtymax Jack, pranks his wife by pretending to get her a brand new truck, but ends up being completely fake.

When it comes to YouTube, it seems like the platform can give us our fill of pranks. While some channels specialise in both pulling and presenting as many pranks as possible, others – even those that are about other topics entirely – can stray in the direction of messing with someone whether it be an individual in their personal life, their audience, or a collection of both.

This time, we see how just that happens as a channel that’s based on the automotive world strays a bit and dips into an elaborate scheme that aims for prank supremacy on YouTube.

In this one, we watch as Durtymax Jack, a YouTuber with a fondness for diesel trucks as his name implies, takes a crack at his own wife, Kim, in what looks like it might be the beginning of a long prank war. Now, Jack claims that this prank is all coming to a head as a result of all of the pranks that Kim has been pulling on him over the years, but this one certainly seems to be the most elaborate of them all and the execution. Well, the execution is the best part because Jack is really going all out in order to make this one seem believable.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to watch as Jack tells Kim that he’s going to clean up her car while she goes to the gym. Instead of cleaning her ride, he presents her with a lavish GMC Sierra Denali, Duramax powered of course, and tells her that it’s all hers before handing her the “papers” to sign. It's at this point that he lets her in on his secret that the truck needs to go back. Her response? Well, her response is really something that you need to see for yourself!

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