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The lumo-green wrap for their new Toyota Supra may not be to everyone's taste, but DDE wanted to make a statement. Now, with the Rocket Bunny widebody kit installed, it looks the business!

The dudes from Daily Driven Exotics caused quite a stir on their channel when they revealed the lumo-green wrap they had chosen for their new Toyota Supra. Let's face it, it is a divisive colour but, with all the other widebody builds going on for the upcoming SEMA show, they wanted something that stands out.

DDE, with a little help from their buddy, The Stradman, who is also building a Supra, they got themselves a Rocket Bunny V1.5 widebody kit and had it wrapped and installed in just two days.

This kit is aggressive and really wide, the rear spoiler is 6-foot long, it's crazy!

To complement the crazy, they hooked up some custom forged wheels too, which are also really wide. There are more mods to come, like a new suspension kit and engine mods, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.



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