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What do you do with an old Mazda Miata when it's in desperate need of some TLC? Turn it into a supercharged rally offroader, of course!

Purists may think that turning a Mazda Miata into a rally car is nuts. Personally, I think this is the business! Each to their own, as the saying goes.

The video below shows us how this dude, who calls himself Gingium, converted his old and tattered Miata into a mud-slinging, supercharged beast. It's got it all, from raised suspension to large, knobbly tyres, to bullbars, bash-plates and a roof rack with a host of spotlights.

He also replaced the headlights and spots in the bumper, mounted a spare tyre on the boot lid and gave it flared wheel arches. He installed a supercharger which required cutting a hole in the bonnet, as well as one in the fender to accommodate the snorkel-like air filter.

All in all, it's a pretty impressive job considering everything appears to have been done in his garage. Hit play and watch the transformation into an offroader happen in just six minutes.

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