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Would you put $2000 cash on the line to guess the power of your Ford GT? Check the results and who wins.

When it comes to the latest and greatest in the automotive performance culture, we, as gearheads, love to see exactly what all of these cars can do in the real world. Just how far will they be able to be stretched as people begin to get their hands on the machines and put them through their paces?

Sure, the hype around the Ford GT might have begun to subside a little bit but we’re really just beginning to get into seeing how these vehicles like to have a little bit of throttle thrown in their direction. As for performance nuts, this is definitely an exciting time to be able to see how these cars go to work.

This time, the topic of discussion is dyno numbers and how that applies to the latest and greatest GT. In this particular video, the rollers aren’t going to lie as everyone is waiting to see how it all turns out. Even though dyno videos can get a little bit monotonous sometimes, with something like the GT, it’s definitely a video that you can feast your eyes on intently.

However, this time, the guys over at Drag Times decided to put a little bit of a twist in the mix, spicing life up with a side bet to see who could guess the closest number without going over as to what exactly the GT was going to net power wise.

The video below really has it all as we get to hear the GT roar to life on the rollers along with getting a little little bit of suspense to see who is going to be taking home the $2000. No matter which way you slice it – or who guesses the closest – being able to see the GT come to life like this is a real treat.

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