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The original designer of the BMW X5 picks apart the new BMW G22 4 Series. He lists the reasons why it has received so much hate, with its gigantic front grills, and also lists some points as to why you should give it a chance.

Frank Stephenson starts off by analysing the side profile of the car and says that, at first glance, it is by no means ugly. But, he is not too sure if it accurately portrays what we'd expect as something that resembles BMW at its best. Towards the rear, Stephenson acknowledges that the new 4 Series design still maintains an overall BMW look, whilst retaining elements that make the new 4 Series unique.

Now, for the moment we're all waiting for: Frank Stephenson says that speaking about the front of the new 4 Series is like discussing the elephant in the room. The front light's are gorgeous and retain a fresh and modern look since BMW removed their harsh and straight edges. With the front grilles, Stephenson says that it seems as if the design team didn't know that they were designing the new kidney grills for a BMW. He reckons that the new grill, in simple terms, doesn't sit well with the proportions of the car. He says that he understands they're trying to make a statement with design, but there is a level of refinement that needs to be maintained when doing so, and he doesn't think that BMW did the right move with it.

Stephenson explains that one of the biggest mistakes with the new BMW grill look for the new 4 Series is the fact that, when the licence plate is attached, it breaks the entire look of the car.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Frank Stephenson, on the BMW X5 Designer Picks Apart The New 4 Series!

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