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Here are five things non-car people will never understand about car culture, and will try to argue against them each and every time!

As a car enthusiast, you have probably been criticized so many times for doing what you love by people who simply don't understand it at all! Here are five of the most frustrating things that non car-people will never understand about car culture:

1: Spending Money On Our Cars: The thing about cars is that they are going to cost you money, regardless if you modify them or not. Of course, we all spend far too much on doing what we love with them, but what is the problem with that? Non-car folk will spend excessively on other "unimportant" things that make them happy, whether it's their hobby or something they like doing, so why criticize a car person on spending money on their car doing what they love?

2: Why We Don't Talk Cars With Non-Car People: There is nothing more irritating than when someone starts a conversation with you about cars... but you realise they know practically nothing about them, yet, they carry on as if they know exactly what they're talking about. Just shut up! If you want to learn, then that's a different story and we'll gladly share our knowledge.

3: Loud Cars: Boy oh boy! This is probably the one we get the most hate for by non-car people. Why on Earth do we want to make our car so loud? It's not to get attention, its simply because we enjoy it! Yeah, we like to believe for the most part that many of us are considerate but, from time to time, we are going to fire it up on cold start and let it idle for a few minutes every other day! Do we complain about your little dog yapping all day long or when you're mowing your prided Kentucky Bluegrass lawn at 6am on a Sunday? Isn't that a similar thing?

4: Buying Fast Cars: "Why do you want to buy a fast car? you'll never get to use its potential." Yeah we know that comment better than anyone, and everyone thinks that we never thought of that. We know damn well that we can't reach the limit each and every day. And it's not necessarily always about going fast either! We love fast cars and we will continue buying them.

5: Buying Used Cars To Repair And Mod Them: We know the benefits of buying a brand new car over a second hand one, but a car is not just a car or a means of transport to us. There are a lot of older cars that mean so much more to us personally than a brand new commuter car. It's our passion to keep older cars alive and possibly modding them as well.

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