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Doug DeMuro hunts out the quirks of this Pagani Huayra, of which there are many, some weird and some awesome.

Having been around since 2012, we’ve already seen plenty of the Pagani Huayra. It’s been the subject of countless road tests, many YouTube track thrashings, and we’ve even seen The Stig belt it around the Top Gear test track. In fact, it’s still the second-fastest road car to have ever lapped the show’s infamous facility.

But what we haven’t seen is each and every one of the car’s quirky little features meticulously dissected by a vlogger for whom attention to detail is a way of life. A vlogger like Doug DeMuro.

As you’d expect, there’s a ridiculous amount of material for the man to work from here. In fact, he’s managed to extract a video with a 39-minute running time from all of the Huayra’s weird and wonderful details.

Highlights include 1400 titanium bolts which each have ‘Pagani’ etched on them, the Pagani oval running through the entire car as a theme (even the throttle pedal is thusly-shaped), a display that shows ‘engine hours’, and the best sequential shifter we’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s a little redundant given the presence of paddles on the steering wheel, but we know what we’d use if we owned one of these beasts.

What’s your favourite Huayra quirk?

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