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The Pagani Huayra BC is a complex machine. Everything must work perfectly. It also needs to function properly in many different road conditions – including snow. That’s why it’s being tested at the Arctic Circle for the first time in conjunction with Bosch Engineering.

Pagani has worked with Bosch for the driving safety and braking control systems in the incredible Zonda, the Huayra and Huayra BC, but now things are being taken to the next level. Jorge Jauregui is a development engineer at Bosch, and his team was sent to northern Sweden for a mission:

To test the twin-turbo V12-powered Huayra BC in sub-zero temperatures. Specifically, Bosch makes the car’s ABS system, traction control system, and electronic stability control program. And because Pagani is Pagani, the software in all three systems requires a unique configuration.

Jauregui says the first thing his team does is "test the ABS on a roadway surface that is iced over on one side...and later seeing how the car handles on a testing course located on a frozen lake." It’s not a simple testing process. "The greatest challenge for us is making all of the vehicle’s power and handling controllable and safe, even in critical situations, without losing sight of performance," stated Jauregui. The team also has its own icemaker, a guy who works all day preparing the road courses and making sure driving surface conditions on land and lake are always the same. Basically, he sprays water everywhere. So, rest assured Pagani owners. Your cars are engineered to kick ass even in the harshest weather.

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