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Over the last couple of F1 Grand Prix races, Red Bull have seemed to have a serious power and speed advantage over Mercedes AMG Petronas... and to what seems to be quite an amount.

This has lead world champion, Lewis Hamilton, to be quite suspicious as to what is actually going on behind the scenes, and why Red Bull is absolutely dominating Mercedes AMG.

"They definitely have something extra in their bag. I think we made some small progressions. I think they still have the two-tenths lead, or maybe a tenth and a half. We made steps, but not enough to make up that two-tenths deficit", said Hamilton. "Over a single lap, it felt good. But Red Bull will be using more engine power. They almost have a qualifying mode like we had a few years ago. I don't know where they get it from."

However, Honda who supplies the engines to Red Bull have responded to Hamilton's remarks. Honda F1 Technical Director, Toyoharu Tanabe, had this to say: 

"I am very happy if it is true. It is not true. According to the current regulations, a power update is not allowed during the season. As a result, our second power unit is the same as the first in terms of specification and performance.

"The current performance improvements are a result of the hard work of Honda and the teams. We are only allowed to change for reasons of reliability, cost considerations and logistics. We must first submit very detailed changes to the FIA, and the FIA has approved those changes. The FIA distributes all the documents to the other power unit manufacturers. So we need the approval of the other major manufacturers to change the specifications of a part. We are very careful about changing the performance. It is not possible to improve the performance during the season. That's my answer to that suspicion."

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Formula World, on Honda Shuts Down Hamilton's Suspicion on Engine Power...

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