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The BMW M5 has carried the torch for super-saloons for decades while its competitors wallowed in its shadow. Now, there's a new opponent in the shape of the Mercedes AMG E63S... can the challenger finally knock the champ off his birch?

These two vehicles have fought for honours as the best super-saloon on the market for years. The BMW M5, which first drew elevens on the tarmac back in the 80s, has been the benchmark to which the Mercedes E-Class has always pursued.

Now it's 2019, and the latest versions of these two brutes are at it again. The question is, can the new Mercedes AMG E63S finally take the crown from the M5? It's a question that Chris Harris attempts to answer in this Top Gear clip as the sun starts to set on this segment of the car market.

Will the M5 go down in a blaze of glory or will the Mercedes AMG E63S finally appropriate the throne in the dawn of a new era? Hit play to find out.

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