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One of the things we often talk about here at SXdrv is what we would have in our dream garage, and let's just say, the choices are wide and varied – but, what would someone like Chris Harris have in his? Let's have a look.

Let's be honest, we've all daydreamed about having an infinite amount of money to spend on a dream garage, filling it with all sorts of terrific vehicles.

In our office alone we've got all tastes, from those preferring modified 90's Japanese street racers to others who prefer the angry Italian's that took pride of place on our bedroom walls. One loves the old-school American muscle while someone else likes the look of German hatchbacks with crazy body kits and very little space between the undercarriage and the tarmac.

Whatever the preference, we're never short on conversation, especially with other car dudes, so it's always a blast hearing what famous petrolheads would keep in their garage.

Enter Chris Harris and a nondescript warehouse containing the RM Southeby's 'Youngtimer' Collection that he describes as "the most extraordinary room full of cars I have ever seen."

Every car in this warehouse is in mint condition, and all of them will eventually go on auction. Some of them you've likely never seen in the flesh before. It's just 12 minutes of car-porn covering 40-years of motoring history.


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