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It's weird to think people allow their unique cars to collect dust in a barn for decades. This is a list of some of the craziest barn finds ever.

We join Nolan from Wheelhouse as he takes us on a journey of some of the craziest barn-finds ever. And crazy they are considering the cars that were uncovered.

Take the classic Mercedes SL300 Gullwing that was found in Jacksonville, Florida in 2018, for example. This remarkable model of Mercedes is coveted by collectors all around the world, but this particular car is even more so.

Why? Well, it was the 43rd car of only 1400 that Mercedes made and it carried a host of prototype-like features that only made it to the first 50 vehicles. Things like a goose-neck shifter, bolted-on eyebrows over the wheel-arches and unique bumpers that didn't make it to the production models.

The car was clearly loved as it had 35 000 miles on the clock. It was used as a racing car by its original owner who sold it to his mechanic to race with. Eventually, he sold it to a navy pilot who wanted to repaint the car but didn't get further than stripping the paint before, in 1965, it was parked in a barn and forgotten about.

After it was discovered, a collector bought it for a million dollars and shipped it to Mechatronk in Germany to be restored.

This is just the first of many unique barn-finds in this video, such as a Ferrari Dino buried underground, one of the original six Shelby Daytona Coupes or a barn with 180 classics stored behind welded shut doors.

So, get some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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