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Richard Hammond reveals how he managed to get the Top Gear job.

Richard Hammond started presenting at Top Gear in 2002, and remained there right through to 2015 when all three presenters parted from the British car show. In this DriveTribe video, Richard Hammond reveals how he got the job at Top Gear in the first place.

Hammond managed to get himself in the right spot at the right time, which was a screen test with Andy Wilman and Jeremy Clarkson. Richard Hammond got the BBC's attention with his homemade demo-reel submission of a walk-around car review of a Renault Laguna.

Richard Hammond explains that at the interview, Jeremy Clarkson and himself had to film a small segment which would later become the interview section in the show.

Richard left the interview feeling quite sad as he thought to himself that whoever will get this job will have such fun, and it's a pity that it won't be him. However, a few months later he recalls seeing the phone ring, and immediately said to his wife "it's them!" It was the call to let him know he has gotten the job.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel:, DriveTribe, on Richard Hammond Reveals How He Managed To Get The Top Gear Job.

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