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In the previous Need For Speed game, NFS Payback, you could unlock a whole variety of awesome cars. These included JDM classics, American Muscle, vintage trucks, and even some hypercars. However, if you really wanted to go extreme, you could unlock the "super builds" mod, but there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

The Super Builds mod will be locked in the visual customisation panel in the garage of NFS Payback, but it doesn't tell you what you need to do in order to unlock them. So what do you have to do?

First of all, Super Builds are only available on derelict cars. So, you have to open up your map, head over to the derelicts tab for a clue, find it on the map, and then take a drive out there. Keep your eyes peeled for a rusty old car frame, drive up to it and collect it. First step complete, but you are not close to done just yet. You will now have to repeat that same process, but now you must find four crates that carry parts for your derelict build. Be warned though, finding these are not that easy, and you'll likely have to do some crazy off-roading in order to get to their hidden locations. Choose your car to do this with wisely, and make sure it's got some good performance as well.

Once you have collected all four crates, head back to the garage where you'll find your old rusted frame with all its parts ready to be restored. Hit the restore button, and then you will have to choose which category you want your car to be in. A word of warning; if you choose the "runner" category, some super builds won't be available, so choose something else like "off-road" or "drag", then hit okay and your derelict car will be built.

Don't be alarmed when you go to visual customisation and "Super Builds" is still locked. You first have to upgrade your car to a level 300 build. Don't waste your time trying to win races to get your level up, this will take forever! Head over to the tuning shop, then use your spare cards to quickly upgrade. If you're still not at level 300, then go to the "Trade-Ins" tab and use your free rolls to get your derelict car up to level 300.

Once at level 300, go back to your garage, head over to "super builds", and it will be unlocked. Now, you'll be able to fit the most insane suspension upgrades, engine and exhaust builds, light bars, roofs, grills and more to your ride!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Ambitious Fighter, on Super Builds Of Derelict Cars – Need For Speed Payback (PS4)

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